MARK Product

Established in 2008, MARK Product is a design-led British furniture manufacturer, producing furniture for the office, leisure, education and hospitality sectors, as well as for use in the home. MARK Products design and manufacture furniture to enhance spaces – both helping them to function properly and to convey a sense of beauty, permanence and innovation. Based in Cornwall, they opened their showroom in Clerkenwell in early 2016.

MARK Product, 31 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5RN
T: 020 7490 7718
Opening times during the Festival: 9am – 8pm Mon-Fri

MARK Product: Ice Cream Social

19 Sep 2016 - 23 Sep 2016

MARK Product will be exhibiting furniture and other projects by their founders John Miller and Anna Hart during The London Design Festival. The showcase marks the launch of the Hart Miller Design studio and will be held at MARK’s Clerkenwell showroom. It includes products such as the new Alf range and the Mycroft range which has been specified for workplace and hospitality projects as well as homes all over the UK. This exhibition is an opportunity to show case the furniture work that Hart Miller have produced in recent years. Hart Miller’s process usually involves initially working closely with interior designers in developing design briefs. They work sometimes together, and sometimes apart, exchanging and critiquing each other’s ideas. Their furniture is designed in a very hands-on way, with lots of models and prototypes which are trialled, adapted, re trialled, and tweaked until a result is reached that they are happy with. End users of the furniture are often invited into this journey to feedback on the early prototypes. A selection of preliminary sketches and models will be on display during the showcase to communicate this rigorous design process and to celebrate the growing range of products designed by the pair. Guests who visit after 3.30pm during the Festival will be treated to Cornish Moomaid ice cream and bubbles as part of a MARK ‘Ice Cream Social.’

MARK Product, 31 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5RN