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Becky Jones and Clare Lewis have been writing about walks for children for the past seven years, driven by an urge to make sure their six children (between them) knew something about a good old fashioned childhood: climbing trees, getting muddy, building shelters, foraging for food, going on scavenger hunts, tracking and trail-finding, pressing wild flowers and identifying trees, reading stories and singing songs. They created Adventure Walks to inspire other families to get back to the simple things in life and do something together that’s good for everyone: getting the family out for a good walk.

Radicals and Revolutionaries: An Adventure Walk through historic Clerkenwell

11:00am - 12:00pm 20 Sep 2016

Clerkenwell, named after the Clerk’s well in Farringdon Lane, was once a village in the countryside where Londoners flocked to taste the healing waters of its spa. Just beyond the reach of the City with its strict rules and regulations, Clerkenwell has long been the home of radicals and revolutionaries, Quakers, non-Conformists and libertarians, as well as criminals and those living outside the law.

By the 18th century, the area teemed with artisans and craftsmen, who set up workshops here to serve the wealthy city dwellers. Clockmakers and watchmakers, jewellers and engravers, printers and bookbinders, brewers and gin-distillers all flourished. From the 1850s, large numbers of Italians settled in Clerkenwell to work as street musicians, organ grinders, ice sellers, artisans producing plaster figures, scientific instruments and barometers, giving this part of the world the nickname ‘Little Italy’. St Peter’s Italian Church on Clerkenwell Road is the oldest church for Italians in London.

Charles Dickens used the rookeries, allies and slums of Clerkenwell as backdrop for several of his stories. Clerkenwell Green is where Oliver Twist fatefully picks Mr Brownlow’s pocket under the tuition of his friend, the Artful Dodger. The charming terraced houses, converted warehouses, cobbled streets and narrow alleyways of Clerkenwell are now home to thriving craft, design, architectural and creative industries.

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Farringdon Station, London Borough of Islington, United Kingdom